How to choose a Wedding Cake size, by Lucky & Co…

It is always difficult deciding what size wedding cake to choose. You want something to look impressive but not too big that you are left eating cake for weeks! Wedding cakes do not need to be big to impress. Single tier cakes are perfect for small weddings and can be designed to fit in with your wedding scheme perfectly.



As a rough guide wedding cakes are served in 1” square portions, this may not seem a lot but most are around 4”-5” deep. If a cake is to be served in place of a dessert then the serving size is usually 2” x 1”. With the wedding size portions, a 10” cake should give you around 75 servings, an 8” around 48 and a 6” about 24. A 10”, 8” and 6” is the most common size that we make and this gives approximately 140 servings.


A lot of our brides choose to have fresh flowers on their cake to tie in with the bouquet and venue decoration so they order a few extra from their florist and we work with foliage offcuts most of the time. Using fruit and a little foliage is also a popular choice for a rustic look.